Daniel J. Warren

Daniel J. Warren (Dan)

Principal Investigator/President

Daniel Warren is a professional archaeologist with over 25 years of experience in both terrestrial and maritime archaeology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (Archaeology Specialization) from the University of Illinois, and a Master of Arts in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology from East Carolina University.

Before forming P&C Scientific, LLC with his wife Rebecca Stuart, Dan worked as an archaeologist in the energy survey and exploration industry for 19 years with C&C Technologies, Inc. and with Oceaneering International after it purchased C&C in 2015. He has also worked as an archaeologist with the Missouri Department of Transportation and with the private archaeological consulting firm Fever River Research. During his tenure in the energy sector, Dan conducted both offshore and terrestrial archaeological surveys. He is a recognized expert in offshore remote sensing and deepwater archaeology investigations.

Daniel served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator for several scientific studies, including the 2003 U-166 Shipwreck Site Investigations (PI), the Deepwrecks Project (Co-PI), the Lophelia II Project Shipwreck Component (PI), and Shipwreck Corrosion, Hydrocarbon Expulsion, Microbiology, Archaeology Project (Co-PI).

He is an accomplished lecturer, and public speaker having taught classes for the Society of Underwater Technology and given lectures for museums, archaeological organizations and historical societies.

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